All Roads Lead to Whithorn - Developing the Past for the Future

The All Roads Lead to Whithorn charity was born out of a filmed community consultation conducted in 2013, which looked at the past, present and future of Whithorn and the aspirations of its people for their town. The findings were that while there was much local pride in Whithorn’s outstanding heritage, there was a wish to see it deployed to provide opportunity, both for employment and for social interaction. One key aspiration was for a venue which would accommodate the championship-winning boxing club, but with state of the art facilities for community events. Another was to retain more young people in the town and improve their life-chances. And so, the All Roads Lead to Whithorn charity was born, taking on two major heritage buildings to provide exciting community spaces, opportunities to live and to learn, and to promote sustainable tourism to the town and area.

In addition, we are proud supporters of the Galloway & Southern Ayrshire Biosphere!

The funding for our build was provided by a number of wonderful funders, including the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund (via D&G Council), South of Scotland Enterprise, The Holywood Trust, Sport Scotland, Hugh Fraser and Kilgallioch Community Fund.


Meet the Team


All Roads is a small charity with 7 volunteer directors, who have worked since 2013 to acquire challenging buildings, and then to find funding, to create the New Town Hall development and affordable housing units in the former Grapes Hotel. Three staff now run the NTH facility.



Volunteers are key to our vision for managing our state of the art asset at the New Town Hall. We believe that volunteering promotes community capacity, increases mental well-being through interaction and a sense of belonging and achievement. Why not join our team at NTH?